The head joint is the driving force behind the flute, the generator of the sound that gives the flute its character.

Every facet that goes into the making of a good head joint has been tested and tested again - wall thickness; tube hardness; shape of the embouchure hole; choice of material for the individual parts; lip plate; cork assembly, even the shape of the crown has been exhaustively researched. Our head joints have a large dynamic range and speak very easily. They are designed to give a balanced response throughout all registers.


hj 1


There is choice of two head joint models.

Model A: Immediate response; brilliant timbre; resonant and flexible

Model B: Rich tone; wide spectrum of tone colours

These descriptions give a general guide but the most suitable head joint varies from player to player.

Eloy flutes are never sold with one head joint, but are offered with the possibility to choose from a selection of several heads.