Mechanism (Handmade)

 mechanism 230 185

The mechanism on Eloy flutes has been designed and made to ensure problem free playing. The key work is carefully constructed to the highest standards and it is full of innovative design features. Only the finest materials have been selected.

Pinless mechanism

 mec bridge

The pins that anchor the mechanism to the axles have disappeared on Eloy flutes. These pins that transmit movement from one part of the flute to the other weaken the mechanism and have been replaced by bridge parts that directly link the keys together. This stronger mechanism also eliminates binding keys and provides for a smooth action.
The long trill rod has been constructed in such way that no side play can occur. Controlled spring tension on one end of the rod ensures that play due to wear is automatically corrected.


mec pad
All Eloy flutes are fitted with Straubinger pads. These world-renowned pads are made of mostly synthetic materials. The advantage of this is that they do not absorb moisture and as a result do not change shape. This consistency gives the pads a high degree of reliability


mec ergonomics

The cluster of levers and rollers on the foot joint of an Eloy flute, played with the little finger of the right hand, are placed under a slight angle. The keys are easily reached and it reduces the risk of the ring finger slipping off the open-hole D-key. The touch piece of the G# lever, which is served by the little finger of the left hand, is slightly lengthened and therefore easier to reach.
A D#-roller is available as an option on the foot joint.


mec spring

14-carat white gold springs ensure an evenly balanced response of the keys throughout the instrument.